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Mission Accomplished!

We reached the salty shores of the mouth of the Mississippi on Tuesday evening the 31st of July! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! More photos and info to come soon.

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Photo update #16

Gorgeous sunset with theimer at the stern

Last mile marker at the head of passes. Only 12 miles to go down south pass until the gulf.

like bookends we traveled the last leg through marshes. Ready to be done

The gulf

Can you believe it? Yeah, come on!

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Photo update #16

After 2 months in the same gear, Burning our clothes was the only option

Last sunset. Time for sharing and some tears.

Full moon on the gulf of Mexico.

we paddled 22 miles upstream back to Venice where jon Ruskey and Jonathan sawyer’s parents.

officially off of the river after 2352+ miles and 2 months of big muddy bliss.

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Photo update #16

Barging past the Wheaton college tugboat. Notice the iced oatmeal cookies that powered us through the last week

The safety barge brigade. Most tugs have obscure captain names, but set of tugs had kid-tested, mother-approved monikers such as, Safety team, Safety goal, Safety commander, Safety quest, Safety crusader, Safety voyager, Safety priority, and Safety first.

sunrise after baton rouge

Mark wondered aloud what chief red stick would think today about the land his people lived on, (not actually the origin of baton rouge).


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Photo update #16

190 foot Bridge outside of new Orleans

Sunrise overlooking st. Bernard’s Parrish

some mooring ocean liners. We took a break in the shade of one-such liner until the coast guard showed up thinking we were terrorists. It was real Funny, but not the first time we have been profiled with our beards.

cool ship

A flock of seagulls right before I Saw An Aligator! I was too frazzled to grab the camera.

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